Dementia Help Palm Beach Gardens

Dementia Help

Dementia Help Palm Beach Gardens

Dementia help in Palm Beach Gardens for caregivers of those diagnosed with dementia or other neurocognitive disorder, is available through the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center, a local not-for-profit organization,

The Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center provides dementia help to caregivers through a vast array of  dementia programs and dementia services that help them care for the person they love, while caring for themselves.

Dementia Services in Palm Beach Gardens

Serving as the first point of contact for dementia help and accessing dementia services in Palm Beach Gardens,  the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center provides the following services to dementia caregivers:

  • Helping dementia caregivers at the time of diagnosis through end-of-life
  • 24 Hour Dementia Crisis Line and Dementia Help Line
  • Affordable geriatric care management services in Palm Beach Gardens
  • Coaching for Caregivers – Dementia coaching and counseling services in Palm Beach Gardens
  • Dementia Training and Education in Palm Beach Gardens
  • Dementia Specific Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness Program

Dementia Programs in Palm Beach Gardens

Dementia programs in Palm Beach Gardens are accessible to dementia caregivers online, in their own home or at any Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center location. Dementia programs include:

  • Monday Mojo – Weekly motivation for dementia caregivers brought to you each Monday morning.
  • Wednesday Workshops – Weekly educational pieces that help dementia caregivers manage the challenges that come with caring for someone that has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Dementia Support Groups in Palm Beach Gardens – Support groups for dementia caregivers are offered throughout the month, including telephone support groups, online support groups and special support groups just for men and just for teens.
  • Care for Fun – Monthly events created just for dementia caregivers to give them the opportunity to relax and recharge.  Programs include Paint for Fun, Day of Relaxation and more!

You can view the calendar of Programs and Events offered by the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center as well as learn more about all of the other dementia help available in Palm beach Gardens, by visiting there website at

Dementia Help Palm Beach Gardens
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